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Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

Mar 21, 2019

The maintenance of a pool cannot be said completed just by using a net and a boy with nice abs. it is important to ensure the maintenance of your pool due to various reasons including earning lots of money as well as increase the lifespan of all the components used in the pool. The swimming pool maintenance guide provided in this write-up can help you in maintaining your pool more efficiently.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

Clean the basket of floating debris daily: Your pool maintenance team can collect as much floating debris as they can in the basket through their manual efforts. The basket should be cleaned out instantly as it gets filled otherwise it can cause a problem for the entire system of your pool.

Brush pool walls and vacuum it: It is important to brush the walls of the pool and vacuum it regularly, regardless of the type of vacuum you use. It will not only prevent the building up of the layer of slime on the pool liner but also enhance the life of the liner.

Clean pool filters frequently: Instead of just rinsing the pool filters you should cleanse them deeply by using chemicals, designed for this purpose, after any problem in the pool or at least once in a season. Your filters will get rid of oils and build ups of dirt through this thorough cleaning.

Maintain the level of water properly: If the level of water in the pool is up to ¾ of the skimmer then it is right. It will help you to operate your pool to its maximum capacity as it can cause issues with your pump if the water level is below its optimum level.

Balance your pool water: While maintaining your pool water care is most important. You should test and adjust its chlorine and pH levels on a weekly basis. You should lab test its water sample at least once a month Swimming Pool Maintenance Guideto ensure the maintenance of the quality of its water.

Repair the leaks as soon as detected: If suspect that your pool is losing a considerable amount of water then measure its level several times during the next 46 hours to ensure the problem of leakage. Once it is established you should repair the leaking spot immediately to avoid any major mishap.

Open the pool for swimming: The color of the water of your pool will turn to green if it remains stagnant for a long time at higher temperature. During summer you should ensure the proper circulation of the pool by opening it for swimming. It will also allow you to earn good money along with maintaining your pool effectively.

During the months of summer, you should open it for swimmers. It will help not only in regular maintenance of your pool but also in making a few bucks in the long run. The tips provided in this write-up can help you in keeping your pool clean and well balanced along with making it impressive for the swimmers.


If you have a swimming pool in your backyard then it is necessary to maintain it properly. Whether you use it for you and your family or allow other to swim in it against some fee, it is compulsory to maintain the cleanliness of the pool structure as well as the water in it. So, according to this swimming pool maintenance guide, you should follow the steps discussed here above to maintain the looks and utility of your pool.

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