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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do You Properly Maintain Your Pool?

Routinely testing your water and adding chemicals needed to balance water; using your net and brush to rid the pool of debris, scale, algae, etc; emptying your skimmer and pump baskets; vacuuming the pool; and cleaning the filter. To learn more about the three major areas of pool maintenance, please download our free Pool Maintenance Guide.

How Experienced Is Your Pool Builder?

Some builders have been in the pool business for years but have little pool construction experience. Some have been “in business” for years in other forms of business, but only recently decided to build pools. Venture Pools has been in business since 1999 with over 60 years Experience. Choose a swimming pool builder who has been in business at least five years with a minimum of twenty years of pool building experience. You don’t want just a huge hole in your backyard!

Do You Have Insurance?

Choose a pool builder who has at least one million dollars of public liability and property damage insurance. It just so happens that Venture Custom Pools has two million dollars of insurance!

What's The Best Way To Build A Pool?

When choosing a swimming pool design look at four factors:

  • Aesthetics – Make certain your builder designs a pool that fits your taste and personality, and has the look and feel you want, whether it is a casual setting or formal.
  • Budget – Venture Custom Pools has swimming pools to fit all budgets. Do not let anyone talk you into over-building or under-building your property.
  • Safety – Choose a builder that meets all the codes to construct a safe and enjoyable swimming pool.
  • Function – Choose a builder that designs a pool to meet all your functional requirements. Whether it be a party pool, diving pool, or lap pool, make sure that your pool serves your purpose.
How Do I Know I'm Getting A Fair Deal?

When shopping for a swimming pool, remember that this is major construction.

  • Make apples to apples comparisons.
  • Value should be considered as important as price.
  • Don’t be fooled by builders who give you less product and quality for a lower price.
  • There is no value there and you may be building a headache in your backyard.
  • Years with a minimum of twenty years of pool building experience.
  • You don’t want just a huge hole in your backyard!
What If I Don't Like The Design

When designing your pool, share your thoughts with the designer until you absolutely love it.
Do not settle for something less than perfect. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Get everything you want on your new pool. Building a swimming pool is a major decision and you
are better off waiting then settling for less than you wanted.

How Many Pools Have You Made In The Last Year

It is best to choose a pool builder that builds a minimum of one hundred swimming pools a year. This insures you that they have the experience and means to build your dream pool.

Is Venture In Good Standing With The BBB?

We recommend that you check the local BBB. If the builder has a pending issue, this alone should not disqualify them. Customers occasionally mistreat their contractors. This can find its way into a BBB report. But, if there is an issue, read the report and ask your builder what happened. The report can yield more tips on how to deal with pool builders. Be cautious of builders with a history of complaints, even resolved complaints. Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau is not a simple process and is often the last straw for a homeowner.

How Can I Trust Anything Venture Says?

Only call swimming pool companies who are financially solid. Ask questions before you set up your appointment. Do they own or rent the building in which their office is located? Owning the building means they are in it for the long haul and are financially stable. Venture Custom Pools owns the land and the building we occupy. How long have they been in business? Have they built pools in your city?

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